Top 5 Next-Gen ASIC Miners

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One after the other, reputed ASIC mining hardware companies like Bitmain, MicroBT, and Canaan Avalon are shooting announcements of the launch of their efficient miners. These miners have advanced chip technologies, power-saving modes, and less than 20 joules efficiency rates. These mining hardware are the leading next-generation ASIC miners that can maximize the chances of getting increased profits.

As we walk you through the blog, you will learn more about next-generation ASIC miners and why these mining hardware are called so. Therefore, let’s get into the blog to understand the topic thoroughly.

Next Generation ASIC Miners: Gadgets of Future

The world is evolving, and technology can also be seen to undergo technological evolution, leading to advancements. During the initial stages, the cryptocurrency mining operations were performed using traditional equipment such as CPU and GPU.

As years passed by, it could be observed that the traditional means of mining were no longer compatible due to the surge in difficulty in mining cryptocurrencies. That’s when the ASICs were introduced, and since their inception, there is no going back.

With the emergence of ASICs, mining became more profitable and efficient. However, these ASIC mining hardware are evolving daily to make mining all the more straightforward and efficient.

The ASIC mining hardware introduced today that consumes less power and provides better efficiency are the ASICs of the future or the Next-gen ASIC miners.

The next-gen mining hardware has set the efficiency standards for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Today, ASIC miners with less than 20 joules efficiency are considered robust yet most favorable miners.

List of Top Next-Gen ASIC Mining Hardwares

Let us now uncover the details of the top 5 next-gen ASIC miners universally accepted to be the ASIC miners with higher deliverability.

1. Antminer S21 Hyd

High-speed Bitcoin mining equipment, such as the Bitmain Antminer S21 Hyd Bitcoin Miner, uses liquid cooling to maintain the components’ efficiency and coolness.

  • With 5360W of power consumption and a hash rate of 335 TH/s, it has an energy efficiency of 0.016 j/Gh. It is, therefore, among the most productive Bitcoin miners available.
  • The liquid cooling arrangement of the Antminer S21 Hyd contributes to its relative quietness. It has a noise level of 50 dB, which makes it a perfect choice for the miners to perform mining at their respective residential places.
  • Miners will find it more accessible because of its Ethernet interface, which streamlines management and connectivity.
  • For Bitcoin miners seeking a high-performing and effective mining device, the Antminer S21 Hyd is a fantastic option.

Let’s take a glance at the technical specifications of Antminer S21 Hyd:

Manufactured byBitmain 
Model NameAntminer S21 Hydro 335T
Release DateMarch 2024
Power Consumption5360 W
Hash rate335 Th/s
Efficiency0.016 j/Gh
Dimension410 x 170 x 209 mm
Weight 17500 g
Noise 50 dB
CoolingHydro cooling
Temperature Condition5 – 45 Degree Celsius
Humidity Level5 – 95%

2. Antminer S21

Antminer S21 is the new air-cooling ASIC mining hardware from a renowned manufacturer, Bitmain. It is one of the top choices for the miner when buying an ASIC miner.

  • S21 excels in the two areas of hash rate and power efficiency. The S21 uses 3500 watts of power and provides a hash rate of 200TH/s, a mark of better efficiency for the miner.
  • Antminer S21 supports voltage inputs ranging between 220 to 277V, a promising configuration.
  • Antminer S21 is the most efficient Bitcoin ASIC miner available, with an efficiency rate of 0.017 j/Gh for the air-cooled model.

Below is a quick overview of the technical specifications in tabular form:

Manufactured byBitmain 
Model NameAntminer S21 (200TH)
Release DateMarch 2024
Power Consumption3550 W
Hash rate200 Th/s
Efficiency0.017 j/Gh
Dimension400 x 195 x 290 mm
Weight 15400 g
Noise 75 dB
Voltage220 – 277 V
Temperature Condition0 – 45 Degree Celsius
Humidity Level10 – 90 %

3. MicroBT Whatsminer M60S

MicroBT Whatsminer M60S is yet to be launched in the market; however, it has shaken the crypto world already with its exceptional offerings.

  • MicroBT Whastminer M60 S can reportedly generate a hash rate of 186 Th/s on a power consumption of 3441 W, which is outstanding.
  • M60S is a cost-effective, next-generation solution for miners due to its affordability and efficiency rate, offering less than 20 joules.
  • The M60S is a powerful Bitcoin mining solution that guarantees the sustainability of your mining operations while cutting expenses.

Have a quick look now at the technical specifications of the M60S:

Manufactured byMicroBT
Model NameWhatsminer M60S
Release DateOctober 2023
Power Consumption3441 W
Hash rate186 Th/s
Efficiency0.019 j/Gh
Dimension430 x 155 x 226 mm
Weight 13500 g
Voltage220 – 240 V
Noise 75 dB
Temperature Condition5 – 35 Degree Celsius

4. MicroBT Whatsminer M60

MicroBT is the leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware in the cryptocurrency sector.

  • The Whatsminer M60 series offers an exceptional hash rate of 172 Th/s on a power consumption of 3442 W.
  • It offers a significantly higher efficiency rate with minimal energy expenditure.
  • It has an air-cooling system pre-installed, that makes it suitable for the environments where liquid-cooling models are not viable.

Walk yourself through the given technical specifications of MicroBt Whatsminer M60 for a thorough understanding:

Manufactured byMicroBT
Model NameWhatsminer M60
Release DateOctober 2023
Power Consumption3422 W
Hash rate172 Th/s
Efficiency0.02 j/Gh
Dimension430 x 155 x 226 mm
Weight 13500 g
Voltage220 – 240 V
Noise 75 dB
Temperature Condition5 – 35 Degree Celsius

5. Canaan Avalon A1466

Canaan’s step into the cryptocurrency industry at an early stage was crucial to the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and laid the groundwork for the ASIC mining sector.

  • Canaan Avalon A1466 is a remarkable next-gen ASIC miner with outstanding efficiency and hash power.
  • It promptly solves the computational problem with a hash power of 150Th/s and provides better deliverability.
  • It incorporates the air-cooling feature, which is the traditional method of cooling. Its air-cooling feature allows the Avalon A1466 to cool down by disseminating excessive heating problems.
  • Despite being efficient, it is also an affordable Bitcoin ASIC miner, which makes it the best choice for miners.

Here are the technical specifications of the Canaan Avalon A1466:

Manufactured byCanaan 
Model NameAvalon Made A1466 
Release DateSeptember 2023
Power Consumption3230 W
Hash rate150 Th/s
Efficiency0.016 j/Gh
Dimension271 x 192 x 292 mm
Weight 14000 g
Noise 75 dB
Temperature Condition0 – 45 Degree Celsius
Humidity Level0 – 95 %

Comparison between the Next-Gen ASIC models

A more thorough comparison of the next-generation ASIC Air-cooled and hydro can be made based on their specifications like hash power, efficiency rate, and power utilization.

It is important to note that every machine has advantages and disadvantages depending on its use.

Every choice made in the mining industry has a significant financial impact, and mistakes are bound to happen. Therefore, better returns and production can be obtained by comparing the products before making a purchase.

Look at the quick comparisons of the technical specifications between next-generation hydro and air-cooled systems.

Future Outlook of Next-generation ASICs

These next-gen ASIC miners can be the most preferred choices for miners because of the enhanced efficiency and cutting-edge technological characteristics these models have.

These versions are renowned for being more dependable and having fewer issues than previously introduced versions. But as the mining business develops, new opportunities and difficulties exist, and the environment changes constantly.

Miners are excited and curious about the next-gen ASIC series’ release to see how well it performs and assess its potential. These next-gen ASICs will write a new chapter in the ongoing tale of cryptocurrency mining.

The mining industry will be closely monitoring its progress, even though these models are setting the high bars in the industry.


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